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Cross Composer

Definitions, two composers 'A' and 'B' work simultaneously on the same project from two separate computers connected via a network.

Key features:

  • 'A' plays an instrument, B can hear it live, and press arm/record/stop.
  • Audio is shared via CELT (lossy, but high quality) when live signals are transmitted and FLAC (lossless) when offline recordings are shared.
  • A communication system makes it possible for 'A' and 'B' to communicate with each other either through audio, text og images/video while working (webcam?) without interfering with the recording signals.
  • Midi is also handled, and plugins (instruments) can be used if they are installed on both 'A's and 'B's computers.
  • A marker for each composer is visible on the screen in different colours. 'A' can see 'B's marker but not move it.
  • Regions can be moved/stretched/deleted/resized, and is immediately reflected in the other composers view of the project.


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