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Defined in avcodec.h

 * AVCodec.
typedef struct AVCodec {
     * Name of the codec implementation.
     * The name is globally unique among encoders and among decoders (but an
     * encoder and a decoder can share the same name).
     * This is the primary way to find a codec from the user perspective.
    const char *name;
    enum CodecType type;
    enum CodecID id;
    int priv_data_size;
    int (*init)(AVCodecContext *);
    int (*encode)(AVCodecContext *, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size, void *data);
    int (*close)(AVCodecContext *);
    int (*decode)(AVCodecContext *, void *outdata, int *outdata_size,
                  uint8_t *buf, int buf_size);
    int capabilities;
    struct AVCodec *next;
    void (*flush)(AVCodecContext *);
    const AVRational *supported_framerates; ///array of supported framerates, or NULL if any, array is terminated by {0,0}
    const enum PixelFormat *pix_fmts;       ///array of supported pixel formats, or NULL if unknown, array is terminanted by -1
} AVCodec;
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