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Defined in avcodec.h

Fill in the AVPicture fields.

The fields of the given AVPicture are filled in by using the 'ptr' address which points to the image data buffer. Depending on the specified picture format, one or multiple image data pointers and line sizes will be set.

If a planar format is specified, several pointers will be set pointing to the different picture planes and the line sizes of the different planes will be stored in the lines_sizes array.

int avpicture_fill(AVPicture *picture,
                   uint8_t *ptr,
                   int pix_fmt,
                   int width,
                   int height);



AVPicture *picture

AVPicture whose fields are to be filled in.


uint8_t *ptr

Buffer which will contain or contains the actual image data.


int pix_fmt

The format in which the picture data is stored. The format must be one of the values in the PixelFormat enum.


int width

The width of the image in pixels.


int height

The height of the image in pixels.

Return value

Size of the image data in bytes

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