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Defined in avformat.h

typedef struct AVStream {
    int index;    /**< stream index in AVFormatContext */
    int id;       /**< format specific stream id */
    AVCodecContext *codec; /**< codec context */
     * real base frame rate of the stream.
     * this is the lowest framerate with which all timestamps can be
     * represented accurately (it is the least common multiple of all
     * framerates in the stream), Note, this value is just a guess!
     * for example if the timebase is 1/90000 and all frames have either
     * approximately 3600 or 1800 timer ticks then r_frame_rate will be 50/1
    AVRational r_frame_rate;
    void *priv_data;
    /* internal data used in av_find_stream_info() */
    int64_t codec_info_duration;
    int codec_info_nb_frames;
    /** encoding: PTS generation when outputing stream */
    AVFrac pts;
     * this is the fundamental unit of time (in seconds) in terms
     * of which frame timestamps are represented. for fixed-fps content,
     * timebase should be 1/framerate and timestamp increments should be
     * identically 1.
    AVRational time_base;
    int pts_wrap_bits; /**< number of bits in pts (used for wrapping control) */
    /* ffmpeg.c private use */
    int stream_copy; /**< if set, just copy stream */
    enum AVDiscard discard; ///< selects which packets can be discarded at will and do not need to be demuxed
    //FIXME move stuff to a flags field?
    /** quality, as it has been removed from AVCodecContext and put in AVVideoFrame
     * MN: dunno if that is the right place for it */
    float quality;
    /** decoding: pts of the first frame of the stream, in stream time base. */
    int64_t start_time;
    /** decoding: duration of the stream, in stream time base. */
    int64_t duration;
    char language[4]; /** ISO 639 3-letter language code (empty string if undefined) */
    /* av_read_frame() support */
    enum AVStreamParseType need_parsing;
    struct AVCodecParserContext *parser;
    int64_t cur_dts;
    int last_IP_duration;
    int64_t last_IP_pts;
    /* av_seek_frame() support */
    AVIndexEntry *index_entries; /**< only used if the format does not
                                    support seeking natively */
    int nb_index_entries;
    unsigned int index_entries_allocated_size;
    int64_t nb_frames;                 ///< number of frames in this stream if known or 0
    int64_t pts_buffer[MAX_REORDER_DELAY+1];
} AVStream;

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