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Lab report 11

Date: November 28th 2008
Duration of activity: 8-12
Participants: Kasper, Bent and Johnny

Project Goal

Make detailed description of the end course project.


  • Make short description of the project.
  • Describe hardware/software platforms to be used.
  • Find problems to be expected during the project.
  • Make project time schedule for the project.
  • Describe what will be expected to work at the end of the project.


Project description

Make a remote controlled LegWay using a gyro.


A HiTechnic1) gyro2), and some sort of blue tooth game controller or gamepad, is needed to make the project.
The Pc should run some sort of application communicating with the robot for parameter tuning (GUI or CLI) probably through the LejOS PC API3), and the robot should of course run LejOS.


  • Figure out how to use the LejOS PC API4)
  • Figure out how to make realtime communication with the NXT through bluetooth.5)6)
  • Figure out how to use the gyro7)
  • Implement PID control8), and tune the parameters using the model of an inverted pendulum9) in NXT-way GS model10).
  • Implement behaviour based driving to make the robot drive around and avoid obstacles.11)
  • Implement behaviour that takes control of the robot when commands are sent from the game controller.
  • Figure out how to get commands from the game controller12).
  • If game controller does not work with NXT, implement a remote control using another NXT, and two motors in TACHO mode.


The project will be created through 6 lab sessions, each spanning one or two days.

  • Lab session 1: Make robot able to communicate with gyro.
  • Lab session 2: Make balancing robot with gyro, using mathematical modelling and PID parameter tuning.
  • Lab session 3: Make robot able to drive at a predefined pattern.
  • Lab session 4: Make drive autonomous, avoiding obstacles, using a behaviour model.
  • Lab session 5: Make robot communicate through bluetooth.
  • Lab session 6: Make robot remote controlled.


We expect to be able to show a bluetooth remote controlled gyro-balancing robot, driving autonomously when not controlled, capable of avoiding obstacles.

JOE: a mobile, inverted pendulum,Grasser,F.; D'Arrigo,A.; Colombi,S.; Rufer,A.C.,Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on, 2002, 49, 1, 107-114
Rodney Brooks, A robust layered control system for a mobile robot, IEEE Journal of Robotics and Automation, RA-2(1):14-23, 1986, also MIT AI Memo 864, September 1985.
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