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Pracro v2.0.0

To be released medio 2010.


Make server use libmicrohttpd and client use curl and friends for communication. Total rewrite of client and server to support 'editing'.


  • Make SSL optional through both compile-time option, and cli/config file.
  • Make MacroList and TemplateList classes threadsafe.
  • Make MacroList auto-detect changes in the file-system and do a re-read.
  • Make MacroList work recursive on directories.
  • Make TemplateList auto-detect changes in the file-system and do a re-read.
  • Make TemplateList work recursive on directories.
  • Test for ssl support in the microhttpd library if needed.
  • Make unit tests for the missing server classes.
  • Rethink the way the field names table works. Fields not in the list should result in a server error? (Maybe a local scope is needed? Maybe an explicit 'export' attribute is needed?)
  • Clustering of data transfers to and from the database (database throughput optimization)
  • Make client language independent (all text must be in tr(…))
  • If a field is not valid, indicate to the user what the field must look like.
  • TTLs on field values? this must be thought over.
  • Don't validate disabled widgets (the should not be red if invalid).
  • The template attribute of the commit should be stored in the db, alongside the macro name and version.
  • ACLs on each macro (both user, and group)
  • A new way of reporting errors on the client (simply show the error window as a messagebox?)
  • When a open and changed macro is requested collapsed and the user aborts, the new macro should not expand.
  • Date field contained in an altcombobox doesn't get its value set, when set via a query-map.
  • Detect if xml files are stored on an NFS mount, and use a fallback filechange mechanism.

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