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Speed-key concepts

Jump-to keys

Specific macro widgets get speed-keys attached which can be used to jump to (set keyboard focus) on this widget.

Selecting the widgets that are used most often might result in a speed-up. For example: Ctrl+l could enable/disable left eye and Ctrl+r could enable/disable right eye.

Speed keys on selected macros might also be of interest, but speeding up macro selection should probably be addressed in another way.

Shuffle through point-of-interest widgets - tab modifier key

Holding a modifier key (Ctrl/Alt) while pressing the tab key could shuffle through specified macro widgets of interest (often used). Marking the first lineedit in a group as point-of-interest will make it possible to skip directly to it, typing in the data and using tab in the regular fashion to skiip to the following lineedits in the widget group.


Using Home/End/PgUp/PgDown (perhaps with a modifier key) could be used to navigate through both the macro list and macro widgets (when a macro is open). Ctrl+Home could activate the first macro or first macro widget. Ctrl+End could activate the last macro or macro widget (probably the commit button). Ctrl+PgUp/PgDown could be used as the modified tab key in the above section.

A speed-key pops up a search field that can be used to navigate to a particular macro by name.

Ctrl+F opens the text field and set keyboard focus to is. Writing 'al' and pressing enter has a unique match for the “Allergier” macro (this is indicated in some manner in the GUI) which is then opened and focused.

Global speed keys

Global speed-keys for global functions such as 'Commit to journal' 'Close and save current macro', 'Close and discard macro', …
For example pressing Ctrl+Enter when a macro is expanded will close and commit it.

Macro groups of no interest

Grouping rarely used macros and hiding them behind a 'show more' button should reduce the number of shown macros in the main window thereby making it faster to navigate the macros that most widely used. Expanding a group of uninteresting macros might be possible using a speed-key (perhaps all groups are expanded as one) or using the mouse. The group will NOT be caught by the tab or arrow keys.

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