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ExecutionRoom CMS


  • Merge CMS and forum codebases (The forum should be a module in the CMS system).


  • Store and show poster in news.
  • Show icon in news.
  • Make menu editor (link pages to the actual pages in some way).
  • Make it possible to create new pages, as well as delete end edit existing ones.

Forum TODO

  • Add address book, with comments.
  • Make users able to upload their own avatars.
  • Fix unknown tid creates new thread bug (unintentional creation upon badly copied link)
  • Add edit/delete support in calendar.
  • Fix nested-quotes bug.
  • Make search function in forum posts.
  • Make site configurable through XML (as admin), instead of hard coded in config.php
  • Parser bug, when a link is the final element in a quote. (ex “[quote …]text http://someurl[/quote]”)
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