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All *NIX systems

Download the latest sourcecode.
Unpack the source code

tar xvzf miav-0.3.4.tar.gz

in some local directory.
Now simply run



make install

in the souce directory.
If the ./configure command fails with missing dependencies see the proper section further down to fix it.
If the installation is a server-only installation, the ./configure command can be called with

./configure --without-client

to remove all client-only dependencies (QT3 amongst others)


Getting depencies on Gentoo is easy. first make sure you have the Xand xv flags in your make.conf USE=… section.
Then simply call

emerge -va "<x11-libs/qt-4" libdv libsdl jpeg libraw1394 libfame lame

or just

emerge -va libdv jpeg libfame lame

if the installation is a server-only installation.


On Fedora Core 3 a simple add to the yum repository can make all these installable: Simply create the file



name=Dag RPM Repository for Fedora Core 

and then run

yum install qt-devel libdv-devel SDL-devel
libjpeg-devel libraw1394-devel libfame-devel lame-devel

to install the development packages.


FIXME Describe how to configure the installed client and/or server.


Post bugs at the aasimon bugcenter.
Log in with username: anonymous and password: miav.

If you plan to submit more bugreports, please send an email to and a real login will be created for you.

Known bugs (version 0.3.4)

There are some problems with the timecode in the server generated mpg files. This causes some players to choke on them.

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