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Pentominos Feed

The purpose of the Feed is to listen to apparatus waiting for incoming data and then transfer it to a artefact data server. It consist three different modules:

  • A deamon running main module which can be configured to receive data from one or more apparatus through a driver, obtain patient information through pidio and transfer the information to an artefact server.
  • A driver module implementing apparatus specific communication flow and control.
  • A library offering shared functionality between the drivers.

The software are supposed to be light weighted, flexible and easy configurable so that for example a thin client easily can be configured to communicate with one or more specific apparatus. Furthermore all the running clients should be easily monitored from a central point, so that failure on a client running Feed can be handled from a central point.

Besides what is described above Feed also includes discovering and documenting the protocol of communication of the various apparatus.


Next Version

  • Centralize root fs and config files.
  • Review “Device drivers” and define a common skeleton.

Current Version

  • Error handling and logging when communicating with artefact.
  • Rewrite devices makefile and fix cvs.


Look at on soekris05 in cat46:

err:feed:initialize_device:250 Error while initializing device: Could not get DTR status: Input/output error (../


  • Install logrotation
  • Install local dns


Nidek Tonoref2

  • Handle empty Artefact reply in

Moller-Wedel Visutron 900+

Humphrey Instruments Lens analyzer A350

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