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LUA Scripts


Next Version

  • Partition protocol data and functional code.

Current Version

  • Find a simple way to test on real device data (this may be related to partition of the code).
  • Define classes and values in a consistent way.

Response Tree Structure

Every tree has a root corresponding to a class. The classes and context of each are supposed to be defined dynamically in artefact.

Apparatus Classes


  • tonoref2_refractometer→osin/odxt→sph/cyl/axis
  • tonoref2_keratometer→osin/odxt→r1/r2/axis/ps
  • tonoref2_tonometer→osin/odxt→mmhg

Visutron 900+

  • visutron900plus→odxt/osin→sph_far/sph_near/cyl/axis



Nidek Tonoref2

  • Only median/AVG values when there exist more than one measurement.
  • Handles refraktometri, keratometri and tonometri classes.
  • Reintroduce checksum check

Moller-Wedel Visutron 900+

  • Use sph_f in cycloplegisk refraction.
  • Currently only support for sphere, cyl and axis in cycloplegic refraction.
  • Handles refraktometri class.

Humphrey Instruments Lens analyzer A350

  • Handles refraktometri class.
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